Abby Bruns Presentation

Big phenomena- Decidua basasils- where placenta is anchored to endometrial stroma of maternal uterus
- Semiallogeneic cells exist
- Previous studies- Listeria monocytogenes
- Using deciduoma and pseudopregnancy

Female mice treated with estradiol and progesterone
-Decidual stroma dissected, diced, digested
- DEC plated on plates coated with fibronectin

Results and Discussion
Decidual Basalis blocks macrophage functions and stimulations, but there are so many parts to this (i.e. extracellular matrix, etc) it is difficult to draw concrete conclusion. Do macrophages stick to stuff? Don’t stick to DEC but they do stick to everything else. This is important because macrophages will not be able to engulf fetus.

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