Complement System

Here's a website for the complement system…

Note from Dx. RR: Nothing incorrect on this website, but it's in much, much less detail than we covered in class & than is covered in your textbook. So, um keep in mind when you find outside websites & such that it's the amount of detail we covered in class that you're responsible for on an exam, not the amount of detail covered on a website (which can be either far more or far less than what we do in class). Also, please keep in mind that there's a lot of b.s. on the internet, too, and that many sites you find purporting to be about a subject we covered in class are, well, crap that shouldn't be trusted.

That having been said, there's plenty of good stuff on the internet, and you're right to post it. Just be careful to not substitute information gleaned from websites for stuff out of the book/class.

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