Constitutive Activation Of An Epithelial Signal Transducer-Moser Jan 24th

Jak-Stat Pathway in epithelial cells.
INF-gamma, a cytokine released by Th2 cells, binds to Jak receptors on epithelial cells, which phosphorylates a STAT protein. The activated STAT protein then migrates to the nucleus where it alters gene transcription to make more IFR, ICAM-1, a molecule that signals T cells, and IL-4.

This study found that IFN-gamma, an inflammatory cyotkine, levels are equal in people with and without asthma, however, people with asthma have symptoms of inflammation and others due not. Therefore, the problem must be within the receptor. Article does not state how the receptor is malfunctioning, however, a molecule agonizing the receptor, or up regulation of the signal by the cell are likely causes.

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