Dr Robson Vaccines

Vaccine: Artificially introducing pathogen/ pathogen antigens to immune system to trigger memroy response.
-best vaccines based on protein antigens due to T-cell stimulation (T-cells dont respond to lipids or carbs)
-to stimulate immunological respone, need to force inflammatory reaction which is done through an adjuvant
-because vaccines contain pathogen/ pathogen parts and an adjuvant, some vaccines will always have adverse reactions which could mean death (That is why there is opposition to vaccines)
-also, a variety of philosophic/religious objections to vaccines
-even most successful vaccines have failure rates
Bottom Line: Vaccines provide public good, at private risk
-MMR vaccine required to attend public school
-exemptions=kids who were not vaccinated for philosophic/religious reasons
-Herd Immunity=protection of all individuals in a population from infection w/disease because almost all individuals in a population are immune to it.
-exemptors are 35X more likely to contract measles than those who are vaccinated (relative risk)
1. Should it be required for all citizens to be vaccinated so all are taking the private risk, not just the majority?
2. Should one depend on herd immunity?
3. Does it make sense not to be vaccinated because fear of introducing foreign stuff to the body, although the chance of getting really sick increases?

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