Final Review

Complement Cascade: Ordering Question
Primary and Secondary Lymphoid Tissues: Similarities and Differences
T-Cell & B-Cell comparison, including receptors (sim/diff)
Bacteria vs. Viruses
Drawing Questions: Bacteria and Viruses, label parts and TLRs
- Follow up questions
Course of Immune Response
Technique Question…Kit Snickett
- Subtractive Immunity
- Another Technique (ELISA, Immunohistochemistry, Flow Cytometry or Western Blot)
Magic School Bus Question
- Sequencing
- Follow Up: Complications of Treatment (multiple answer)
-may be question on transplant—malaria transferred with transplant
Phagocytosis and Inflammation
- Sequencing
Neutrophil Migration
Antibody Functions: Multiple Answer
Additional Ab section of notes
- Type I and Type IV
- Hygiene Hypothesis
Papers on Exam
- Jeffrey/Nessa
- Brooke
- Kristen
- Ryan/Willie
- Justin
- Erin
Septic Shock
- Kellie's presentation, #24 on Midterm
Innate vs. Acquired Immunity
How do pathogens evade the immune system?: Short Answer
Anti-Inflammatory: TGF-beta and IL-10
Pro-Inflammatory: IL-1, TNF, IL-8, IL-6, IL-12 (cytokines) C3a and C5a (complement)
Maintenance Cytokines: IL-12, IL-7, IL-2 (T-cells) IL-6 (B-cells)
Comparison of MHC I and MHC II
one graph (not from papers)

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