"Germs" and "Mind Over Immunity"

These were the papers discussed on January 15.

Lewis Thomas's view is that people over react…saying that germs are not that bad, and that are immune system is much worse
1. Nacrosis-induced from outside cell death and damages surroundings
2. apoptosis-programmed cell death, ok and not harmful
3. limulus-horseshoe crab-they have amoebocytes that act like our macrophages-when these amoebocytes are exposed to microbial components, they kill themselves releasing inflammatory chemicals into the enviroment.
4. Limulus amoebocyte assay-test for whether microbial chemicals induce inflamation by them to limulus cells to them-they use amoebocytes because they are easy to grow, and they dont need to be in mice

Mind over Immunity

Vocab/Identification of abbreviations
1. attenuates-to lessen
2. TNF-ex of a cytokinand is released in response to bacterial products like LPS etc…lead to fever-these cytokins only recognize gram - bacteria when it dies b.c the lipid A(endotoxin) resides inside the outer membrane
3. IL -Interleukin-types of cytokines that lead to fever
4. conalergic-acetocoline binds to it, and when binding to these receptors, it decreases inflammation
Treatments for inflammation-accupuncture to stimulate nervous system
So…should you panic if for instance you had a bacterial infection…would it reduce inflammation?

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