Jeffrey S Discussion On Hiv

On Super Tuesday, we discussed my super paper!

“induction of Humoral and Cell-mediated Anti-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Responses in HIV seronegative volunteers by immunization with Recombinant gp 160”

Background: They are trying to find a vaccine by using gp 160 (gp 16 is one of the protein in the HIV virus).
- They have responses to specifc epitopes of HIV
- Inject gp1 for response form T-cells
- Safety for humans
- Nature of response
- Determine appropriate Doses of gp160
o Gp160 produces neutralizing antibody
o More effective at high doses
-High doses of rgp 160 can be safely administered to sero-negative volunteers
-Rgp 160 will induce neutralizing antibodies in a dose-dependent manner

- Infected butterflies to speed up process of Gp160 projection so they could attain a lot in a short time
- Immunization
o 138 volunteers (8 groups of 15)
o KLH – we have an innate response to this in our body. Attatch Gp160 to KLH to see how it will react in our body
KLH is an immunoactivator. It will present gp160 to T and B cells
- Test to see if antibodies were specific to vaccine
o Did by using immunoblot assay (video presentation) and checked using an ELISA
- Put HIV in wells
- Transferred it to another membrane
- Treated it with blood serum from HIV pos patients and tested it with antibody to see if gp 160 would stick to HV
- Treated it with another antibody/enzyme to form color
- See figure one in article
• In figure 1, the furthest one one right was the control (serum from HIV protein was primary antibody for western blot. On this strip )
• All people showed gp160 protein no matter what dose they were given. if given a smaller dose it just took longer for abs to show up
• P88 and gp 41 also all showed up because of the similarities of the these proteins to gp160

I did not not include notes on the other figures in the article so feel free to add them!!

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