Mitochondrial Electron Transport: Willie

Specific role of mitochondrial electron transport in blood-stage Plasmodium falciparum

• Only codes for 23 componenets of the ETC
• Not a source of ATP but serves critical purpose
• Introduced plasmid and a gene encoding GFP
• Transfection carried out using electroporation
• Growth was calculated by measuring H-hypoxanthine
• Location of DHOP-GFP gene was determined b y immunofluorescence using an anti-GFP abs
• Anti malarial drug inhibits WT but not transgenic parasites

• Gel (3D shape, put stuff in)
• Zap with electricity to separate stuff
• Transfer to membrane
• Treat membrane with chemical that is specific to protein, DNA, or RNA (probing the membrane)
o Western blot: protein
 Anti-target abs
 Secondary abs against primary abs
 Has enzyme tag
o Northern blot
 mRNA
 probe-swatch of DNA that’s complementary to mRNA for gene we’re interested in
 enzyme tag attached directly to DNA
o difference between northern and southern is DNA must be denatured before blotting in southern

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