Notes Review Section-Final Test

1. Complement Cascade
**Put steps in order
2. Primary and Secondary Tissue
**Similarities and Differences
3. T-cells and B-cells
4. Viruses and Bacterias
5. Kit Snicket
6. Inflammation and Phagocytosis
**Put steps in order
7. Antibodies Function
8. Type II and III Immunopathology (Will Not be on the test)
9. Type I and IV will be on the test
10. Innate Immune System and Acquire Responses
**Similarities and Differences
11. Inflammatory Mediators

Complement Components: C3a<- endothelia stickiness neutrophil recruitment and C5a<- more potent

Cytokines: IL-1<-endothelial stickiness vasodilation, TNF alpha<-fever and IL-8<-neutrophil recruitment
T-cells: IL-7, IL-2 and IL-12

**Anti-Inflammatory: TGF beta and IL-10

12. MHC I and II
**Similarities and Differences
13. Subtractive Immunization
14. Primary and Secondary Antibodies
15. How a pathogen evades our immune system?
**Give an example

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